I’m an experimental artist, neuroscientist, and designer fascinated by the exploration of the mind, emotions, and what it means to be human.
I’m a recent Wellesley College graduate with degrees in Studio Art and Neuroscience passionate about LGBTQIA+ Asian American mental health.
My artwork stems from the experiences and stories of my mother and grandmother. Using printmaking, drawing, photography, and technology, I explore maternal relationships, barriers in communication, and cultural differences. Playing with repetition, shape, and color, I address language, misunderstanding, and intimacy. Interdisciplinary experimentation is at the core of my process.
My research is centered on understanding the ways neuromolecular changes underlie anxiety and depression and affect behavior.
When I'm not in the print studio or the lab, I enjoy creating comics, jewelry making, microbial art, sustainable fashion, video games, and bassoon.
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